Darkness Falls Across The Land. . .

As soon as I get my hands on some graphics to better communicate this page, I'll do them. Until then, let me explain why these stories are here.

I knew of Mark Page only by reputation for a while. Then the beginning of his "Usagi Is Dead, Usagi Is Dead, Hip Hip Hip Hooray" series was MSTed. The MST itself was half-hearted and personally insulting to him, and he protested to our Vault. It was then that I decided to see this story for myself. It took me a week to cover the first TWENTY chapters. And most of that was in horrid fascination. :)

I don't know if what he writes is considered "good" fanfiction, but I do know this: You either like or hate his work. I, personally, found it refreshing from the usual fanfiction. That is why I'm posting some of his stories. But I should warn you, certain. . . situations lie ahead that are not for hard-core Moonies or the faint of fanfic heart.

He is dark.

He is complex.

He is "Dark Day For Anime".

Complete. Mark hasn't made any new fics for a very long time, so until he does, I'm declaring the collection complete.

Waiting For Minako

The Waiting has begun. Will she show?

Usagi Is Dead, Usagi Is Dead, Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

Usagi Is Dead! Dead Is Usagi! But it looks like she isn't going to take this lying down.

Usagi Is Dead 2 Dead Is Usagi!

Usagi continues her adventures in the quaint world of Death.

Of Devil Teachers and Moon Princesses

The new crossover from Dark Day For Anime!

Spinners: Sailor Python's Flying Dead Moon Circus

And your job is to *hurl abuse* down upon the Roman Galley Slaves!

Across The Border

Serena, Ami, and Rei must find a way to topple the new Supreme Ruler!

Sailor Investigation Unit

Silent Mobius, Sailor Moon, Succubae Major. 'Nuff said.

The Barking Snout Series

The Beginning of Dark Day For Anime. Fear it. Really.

The Collected Works of Mark Page.

All the rest of his stories, including "Sailor Venus, R.I.P." and "Psychosis In Excelsis".

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